Five Important Rules To Remember When Booking A Hotel

One of the biggest and most stressful decisions to make when planning a vacation is where to stay.



One of the biggest and most stressful decisions to make when planning a vacation is where to stay. We all want a healthy blend of affordability and comfort, but this combination could be harder to find than you might think. Lucky for you though, Trip Treasury has some great tips just for you, to help make that decision!

1. Always go with the refundable reservation

-Plans change often and without warning. Maybe a work issue comes up and you need to reschedule. Or maybe someone in your friend group won’t be able to make it anymore. For whatever reason your plans suddenly need to be altered, a refundable reservation makes it easier to make any changes that you need. And while it may be a bit expensive to do this, its much better than spending hours on the phone to try and get the hotel to make an exception.

2. If possible, book with the hotel directly

Online travel companies may offer convenience and good rates, but it is usually a better idea to just book directly with the property for your reservation. If you need to make a room request or if something goes wrong during your stay, the front desk staff is nearly always more helpful if your reservation came via their direct channels. Otherwise, you may find yourself being directed to the third party you booked with, and they will most likely have to negotiate with the hotel on your behalf anyway, an unnecessary middleman that will cost you time. A good strategy is to research possible hotels on the various booking sites, then book with the specific hotel once you’ve made your decision. If you do decide to book with a third party, then make sure that you are booking a refundable reservation.

3. Try your best to make your reservation in advance

If you can help it, always try and book your hotel in advance. There are all sorts of issues that can happen when making a reservation on the same day including price gouging, the hotel that you thought you purchased is sold out, The room not being ready to check in once you arrive causing you to wait a while before getting settled, and much more. Making your booking ahead of time will help to eliminate these issues.

4. If there is an issue with your room, act fast

If you get to your room and there is a cleanliness or maintenance issue, or if there is something else wrong with your stay, don’t wait until check out to get things worked out, report it immediately. Hotels and third parties are much less helpful if you’ve already checked out of the room. It may take weeks to try and negotiate a refund or receive some other form of compensation. Pictures or videos of the issue are also extremely helpful so that you have evidence of your complaint.

5. Do your research

Is your hotel in a safe neighborhood? Is it walkable or do you need a car? Is there a variety of food and entertainment options nearby? These questions and more are all things you need to consider before making your booking to ensure the best possible stay. Reading reviews, both good and bad, is also a very good way to get a good idea of the place where you will be staying.